Fully automatic line, horizontal wrapping

Automatic packing system that allows complete packing (without shrink tunnel).

Category: SKU: horizontalna-strečerica


Automatic packing system that allows complete packing (without shrink tunnel) using polyethylene (PE) rolls or bubble wrap + expandable foil..

This type of packaging protects the product from any possible damage it may incur during shipment from the manufacturer to the final customer. The system has a touch screen control panel connected directly to the PLC control, which allows programming of all system functions. Custom programming possibility. It has an interface that allows integration into fully automated production lines.

Horizontal wrapping machines can be equipped with the following options:

  • Foil end welding unit for hanging, cutting and welding the end of the foil.
  • Pre-stretch foil unit reduces 100% stretch foil debris. Allows better packaging at a lower cost.
  • Exclusive “Lightweight Thread” system for inserting the thread to open the package without the need for blades or other objects that could damage the surface of the product.


Proizvođač: GG Macchine, Italy; Guarantee: 12 months; Provided: Installation, maintenance and service