Self-propelled Wrapping Robot Oscar

Self-propelled Wrapping Robot powered with battery. Wrapping all pallet dimensions. Does not require to move products to shoot pallets.

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The self-propelled wrapping machines (Robot) are battery powered and can be used anywhere by everybody, as they are very easy to use and can wrap pallets of any dimension without moving them to other places.

  • Standard machine, maximum wrapping height 2100 mm
  • Dimensions WxLxH: 690x1060x2100 mm
  • Footprint of 1000mm from pallet during wrapping
  • Minimum pallet dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • Autonomy per charge: 320 pallets (W800x1200xH1500) with mechanical brake
  • Full charge cycle time of 8 hours (battery charger on
  • board)
  • Motion signal lamp and sound signal at the start and end of the cycle
  • Column height H: 2100mm
  • Weight 250Kg
  • Pallet height detected by photocell
  • Moving speed adjustment up to 1,5 m/sec with gradual start / stop
  • Adjustment of the film carriage speed from 3 to 5 m/min.
  • Independent top and bottom reinforcement wraps
  • Rise and descent film carriage speed adjustment
  • Film tension adjustment
  • Middle reinforcement with height and number of wraps adjustment
  • Manual movement by directional steering wheel buttons
  • Hinged column for transport
  • Side and back forklift housing
  • Model V.1 — Film carrier with mechanical brake for film tensioning
  • Model V.3 — Film carrier with electromagnetic brake for film tensioning
  • Model V.5 — Film carrier with motorized pre-stretch 150% standard (100%, 200%, 250% on request)



Manufacturer: Effe3ti, Italy; Guarantee: 3 years; Provided: Installation, maintenance and service