Box forming machine Goldflex 056P

Semi-automatic machine for forming boxes with foundation support while loading.

Category: SKU: GoldFlex-056P


Semi-automatic case erector to form uniform sized American-type boxes to fold the four bottom flaps and to support the carton during the filling made by an operator.


• Heavy duty & reliable machines
• Quick and easy changeovers
• Minimal servicing

Dimensions of the boxes to form:
Length: 140 to 500 mm
Width: 100 to 510 mm
Height: 100 to 510 mm

Length: 140 to 800 mm
Width: 100 to 510 mm
Height: 100 to 510 mm



Key features
• Manually adjustable by hand-wheels on different box sizes by means of lateral guides.
• Equipped with a side magazine for holding the blanks to form.
• Equipped with flap closer which keep the bottom closed, making filling easier.
• Thanks to a free roller conveyor incorporated in the flap folder, the boxes run easily into the sealing station.
• In the GF056-P model the boxes are driven in the sealing station by means of a pneumatic pusher activated by the operator, optimizing the efficiency.
• Combined with a sealing/glueing machine & out-feed conveyor it becomes a compact, semi-automatic, productive packaging line.


Technical datas:
• Electrical power supply: Three-phase, 400V/50Hz
• Service temperature: + 5° C to + 35° C
• Productivity: 600-800 boxes/h
• Air consumption: 6,0 nl per production cycle at 6 bar


• 1-PH Single-phase electrics – On request
• GTA-OS Opsite version – On request
• GTA-SC Special color – On request
• GTA17 Set of legs with wheels –  Leg with casters(diametar 80 mm)
• PRF Conveyors – Out-feed


Manufacturer: Pacbro, Italy; Warranty: 30 months; Installation, maintenance and service is provided