Goldtape 50-65-80 semi-automatic carton sealer

Semi-automatic machine for box sealing with an automatic box height control.

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Semi-automatic manually adjustable carton sealer for the tape sealing of the top and bottom flaps of american type boxes. Bent, bolted and painted steel structure. The changeovers are fast and easy through three adjustments by handles. The boxes are fed by side belts, driven by a single motor ensuring a smooth carton transport.
This solution grants a perfect uniform box sliding, aligning of the flaps and an optimum sealing, through the tape head TU.

Dimensions of the boxes to seal:

Length: 150 to infinite
Width: 100 to 510 mm
Height: 100 to 510 mm

Length: 150 to infinite
Width: 100 to 660 mm
Height: 120 to 660 mm

Length: 150 to infinite
Width: 100 to 810 mm
Height: 120 to 810 mm



Teechnical description:
• The machine structure is made of steel sheet folded, painted and screwed into the screws.
• Working plan made of free metal rolls.
• Two-column structure, one with a screw, for symmetrical displacement of the upper soldering head.
• Safety precautions according to the applicable safety standards (CE certification).
• 2 lateral transmission straps, 40 mm wide, driven by a 0.22 kW motor.
• 4 pressing rollers (2 + 2) to keep the top edges of the box closed.
• Box transfer speed: 24 m / min. (upper / lower speed on request).
• 2 welding heads (upper and lower) TU2.1 for tape width 50 mm – 25 mm tape foot.
• Special system for locking the upper soldering head frame to the upper position to facilitate replacing the lower tape roller.
• Work plane height: from 650 to 750 mm.
• Start and stop button with emergency stop button in an ergonomic and accessible position.

Technical data:
• Weight: 135 Kg (GT50) – 150 Kg (GT65) – 175 Kg (GT80)
• Box transfer speed: 24 metres per minute
• Electrical power supply: Three-phase 400V – 50 Hz / single-phase (upon request)
• Service temperature: from + 5° C to + 35° C
• Electrical protection level: IP 54
• Installed power: 0,22 kW

• 1-PH Single-phase – On request
• GTA-OS Oposite version – If required the machines can ve built in the opposite sided version
• GTA03 THREE-FLAP CLOSER- Device made in galavanaised steel which can be installed to speed up the phase of inserting the box in the case sealer. The operatoronly folds the rear flap, and not all four
• GTA06-07 RFN Tape brekage/end of signal, 1 head (06) ili 2 heads (07)
• GTA11 STOP&GO KIT (energy saving kit)– Electronic device to switch off machinr automatically aftre cardboard sealing.
• GTA11-1-2 Increased(1) or decreased(2)  speed of belts
• GTA12-02 Extended driving belts  in the in-feed or out-feed of the machine
• GTA12-03 Lifted drivingbelts – driving belts lifted from the workbench height
• GTA17 Set of legs with wheels ( diametar 80mm)
• GTA18 Set of adjustable legs with wheels – Adjustable legs with casters (casters diameter 100 mm – legs extension adjustable 0-300 mm)


Manufacturer: Pacbro, Italy; Warranty: 30 months; Installation, maintenance and service is provided